ALLi London Creative Critique – it’s on!

It’s all go! The first meeting of the ALLi London Creative Critique will be at 6.30pm on Tuesday, 20 May at

The Star of Kings
King’s Cross, London
126 York Way, London N1 OAX

This is a group for members of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). Our focus in the main part of the session is on the creative aspect of being a writer. The latter part of the night will consist of a more informal networking session, where members can meet and discuss any aspect of the author-publisher (self-publishing) sector, including outsourcing, editing and proofreading, formatting, cover design, marketing and distribution. Non-members are welcome to turn up to an initial session.

Bring along a piece of writing that you would like to be critiqued, something you can read out in under five minutes. It may be a key scene in your novel, a character description, or even a plot outline. The group will then spend several minutes offering feedback. We’ll divide the time available between the members who attend, but we will aim to have about ten-fifteen minutes per person. It isn’t mandatory to offer something to be critiqued, you may just want to contribute to the discussion. If this section becomes very popular, we may need to have some sort of pre-booking process, since in 90 minutes, we’ll have time to critique just six or seven members’ work.

After the critiquing and a brief break, we’ll move into a more relaxed mode, discussing anything to do with author-publishing, passing on marketing or sales tips, new initiatives of interest to authors, the ins and outs of formatting, cover design processes, etc. This part should last around thirty minutes.

We’ll start at 6.30 on 20 May. For the first meeting we’ll be seated at the back of the Star of Kings pub in Kings Cross. A pub quiz will be starting at 8.30 so we need to start punctually. Later meetings will be at the same time on the third Tuesday of every month, but in the upstairs function room, which is quieter.


About Kevin Booth

Kevin Booth pens contemporary and LGBT-themed fiction, often about Barcelona and its history, such as in his first novel, Celia's Room. He also writes about the city’s art and architecture in the BCN Free Art guides. As K. Eastkott he has created an environmentally focussed ocean fantasy exploring non-Eurocentric worlds, the Jewel Fish Chronicles. He combines writing with work as a translator and editor. View all posts by Kevin Booth

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