Gift of the Raven – Catriona Troth

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Rather than a full book review, in these posts, I simply jot down a few lines on books I’ve enjoyed.

Gift of the Raven

Gift of the Raven by Catriona Troth

“The people of the Haida Gwaii tell the legend of the raven – the trickster who brings the gift of light into the world.”

An emotionally raw tale of an outcast, abused and orphaned boy, whose “hair is black like night, and [whose] skin is the colour of Auntie Jean’s strong tea” and his quest to find his father. “I’ve never seen anyone who looks like me but that’s okay because I belong here anyway”. This story about the budding relationship between a father and son touched a deep emotional chord for its sincerity and the delicacy of its prose. One of those books where the tears are never far from welling up, but a tremendously uplifting read.

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