House of Silence – Linda Gillard

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Rather than a full book review, in these posts, I simply jot down a few lines on books I’ve enjoyed.

LGillard_HoSA young woman for whom family signifies betrayal and abandonment, and who has learnt to maintain her emotional isolation, falls for a seductive young actor whose sprawling web of relatives she welcomes as icing on her romantic cake. Yet invited for Christmas at their chilly old mansion presided over by a flighty matriarch, cracks in the family’s happy façade cause her to question the enigmatic past of this apparently idyllic family. Steering skilfully between the genres of romance and mystery, Linda Gillard has written a captivating read that will keep you guessing till the end.

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About Kevin Booth

Kevin Booth pens contemporary and LGBT-themed fiction, often about Barcelona and its history, such as in his first novel, Celia's Room. He also writes about the city’s art and architecture in the BCN Free Art guides. As K. Eastkott he has created an environmentally focussed ocean fantasy exploring non-Eurocentric worlds, the Jewel Fish Chronicles. He combines writing with work as a translator and editor. View all posts by Kevin Booth

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